Transparency Pledge

I am committed to serving as a Port Alberni City Councillor from a place of transparency.

Conflicts of Interest

To ensure that you know that my priority is to represent  the community & residents of the Alberni Valley, I will NOT be accepting any campaign donations from businesses. Donations to my campaign from individuals will be made public.

I am a business owner in the Alberni Valley. KM Creative  is a startup business offering communication & marketing services to business, nonprofits, and individuals. KM Creative also publishes an online magazine called Alberni Stories.  I am committed to upholding the professional standards and transparency, and I will not take on any clients that are not prepared to be public with regards to our working relationship to ensure I can maintain a conflict of interest-free stand on council. I will remove myself from the decision making (voting process) of any matters pertaining to my paid business clients and limit my involvement to questions and providing information.

Open Calendar

I will make my councillor calendar public so residents can make appointments with me and see whom I am meeting with and why.

As an elected councillor I will hold a civic duty to represent all of our community’s residents. From the youngest child to the oldest resident. To do this I will make myself available each week that I am in town at a scheduled coffee with a councillor and do my best to visit those who may not have the mobility to meet in the community.


As a councillor I will regularly update my constitutes on my involvement in council happenings via my councillor FaceBook Page and/or website at least once a month (if not more.)

I will also make myself available to questions from residents of Port Alberni and answer those questions publicly via my councillor FaceBook Page and/or website to the best of my ability.