The Issues

As campaigning starts, this page will grow with my thoughts on a variety of election issues brought up by our residents.

Housing:¬†Rental housing is higher priced and in a shortage in the valley; especially for individuals, young families, and those on limited budgets (elders.) I will stand to amend and create bylaws that allow homeowners to safely and respectively build secondary suites, carriage-houses, and micro-housing for long term rentals. While ensuring regulations are in place to monitor, limit, and regulate short term rentals within private residences (i.e. Air Bnb’s.) (August, 2018)

Heath Care (addiction mental health services and support): It is obvious when you stroll around our city that like many other communities ours is in the midst of an opioid crisis. This crisis stems partially from a lack of support for those with mental health concerns. We need to stand strong as a council to advocate for and demand services in our community. We need to do what we can to create a community that can attract quality health care providers.

The physician shortage is real, there have been open posts in our valley for many specialized providers including psychiatry and paediatric care for extended periods. These may be Provincially run but we do need to be involved, aware of the struggles, and advocating for our residents both those who need help and those who just want to feel safe. (August, 2018)