Website Development and Management

    • HTML & CSS: Concepts and  skills needed to build the front-end of a standards-compliant website. Internet and World Wide Web, HTML, and CSS. Introduction to Brackets, Adobe DreamWeaver, Visual Code Studio, and cPanel.  Importance of web usability and accessibility.
    • PHP: Introduction to database-driven web-server applications. Defining the logic and behaviour of student-developed web applications with PHP scripting and using SQL (Structured Query Language)  to communicate with the underlying relational database engine. Students will install a development environment (using Xampp) to learn and practice essential programming skills and elements of database design and usage.
    • CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS: Integration of web development skills using a CMS (WordPress). Students will learn to set up CMS user access levels, sections, categories, plug-ins, and components. Students will acquire knowledge to activate existing CMS templates as well as to develop their own CMS templates and child themes. CMS installation, deployment, backup, and security will be covered. Introduction to GitHub, Sass, and use of Gulp and a terminal use review.