Product Branding

I have been working on a great project the past few months that started with developing a brand for a unique aromatherapy business, the development of a product line containing four products, and package design. I have just started working on an eleven page promotional brochure that introduces the new product line using InDesign.

I hope to find some time over my winter break to bring the entire project into my portfolio and to write a more complete blog post explaining the project. This evening how ever, I just want to share the first rough for the cover of the promotional brochure.

Without further delay, Sacred Circle’s promotional brochure cover (first rough draft):

Sacred Circle Four Elements Cover Rough 1




Premiere Pro Video and Sound

I have been working through a first level Video & Sound course through NIC this semester and really enjoyed learning more about story boarding. Our instructor Megan, has an incredible amount of knowledge and has made Premier Pro a little less imitating. Though, story boarding has been my favourite part of the course (with Foley sound a close second).

Our second project included taking one of three sketched ideas for a short and developing a more developed story board. The idea of filming video and recording sound for our project on our own is a bit terrifying and I am pretty sure I will have to claim artistic risk to break some rules before the project is finished. In the meantime, I want to share my storyboard and the angles I caught in my thumbnails.


Video Story Board

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Typography Project An Alphabet Around Downtown Courtney

I shall be visiting local business’ in search of unique, creative, objects to photograph for my current Typography project, an ALPHABET PHOTO BOOK staring downtown Courtney merchants. My hope is to create a unique, local themed book that will be printed in a hard cover, 8×8 inch format that features some of the amazing local merchants and products that can be found in Courtney’s beautiful and active downtown core.

Participating stores will be listed along with the pages their store has been featured on and each participating store will be able to order one book at cost. I hope to also feature some of the stores here on my blog as well.

Best of all, the book will be available in ebook and printed versions with 100% of proceeds going to a Vancouver Island Children’s Charity, Hugginz By Angel.

Merchent Release Form

Typography Photo Book North Island College

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Reading Break and Summer 2017 Job Prep

I have spent most of reading break tucked away in a small corner of the North Island College Alberni Campus’ library. Catching up on assignments for Javascript, Typography, Indesign, and Fine Art Drawing. North Island Collage Media Studies

I have also been starting to plan for my Summer 2017 Job search. In order to maintain my funding status in September I need 640+ plus hours of  employment over May, June, July, and August.

I would LOVE to be focused in one position where I can make the most impact, possibly with a NonProfit assisting with administration and marketing both this summer and summer of 2018. However, our local job economy is small which means I shall likely have to consider a few part time positions.

I may be working within a Community Living position so I am updating my HCA level first aid next month and looking for some CPI training (as mine is rather outdated). Which means the next two months shall be intense with Interactive Media Studies, outside workshops, and updating my job search tools.

A busy spring is predicted …




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Social Networks for Small Business Owners

I have been asked three times in the last few weeks which Social Networks should business owners use as part of their marketing plan.

Social Networks play a KEY part in engaging and communicating with your customers and ‘Potential’ customers. Before you launch your personal brand or business brand onto Social Media, you should be sure to have clear guidelines on your ‘professional character and conduct’ on Social Media.

Social media posts are FOREVER. There may be a delete button BUT there is no real delete once you post something. Anyone can ‘screen shot’ in seconds and what you post will always be available. So, before you start be sure that you have a clear plan and guidelines and remember to NOT ‘emotion post’ without taking time to think about it before you hit enter.

Disclaimer aside, it is important to ensure you have your brand and name at least ‘parked’ on the Internet and Social media networks. This means deciding on an AVAILABLE user name that you can use consistently over as many networks as possible and registering for them so no one else can.

What Social Networks should you register on?

Most people think of Google as a search engine. It is so much more, but primarily, you will need a Google account to be able to create a quality listing in their directory.
It is also a good place to start as you can create a GMAIL account that will provide you with an email to use when registering for other social networks. Don’t use your everyday email to register for social networks. Using a dedicated email will allow you to delegate your social media management and tasks in the future as needed.

You tube is now operated by GOOGLE. Use your Google ID to create a YouTube page for your business.
Linked in:
Linked in is a Professional Social Network, register as an individual and then create your COMPANY Page.


Facebook is constantly in a state of change and while you may think of Facebook as simply a place to share your life with your friends and family, Facebook Pages show up in the top three of Search Engine results and if you want your customers to find you, you need to be on Facebook.
Create a Private Facebook account, and once registered create a Facebook PAGE for your business. *do not register your business on Facebook as a ‘person’. The pages provide the tools you will need as a business on Facebook.


If you are using your personal twitter account for business, keep it professional. I suggest simply creating a profile for your business while you learn to use Twitter. Twitter is a great networking social network for businesses.


If women buy your products, you need to be using Pinterest. Create a plan for organizing your ‘BOARDS’ ahead of time to save hours of editing in the future.


Instagram is a photo sharing Social Network. I encourage Business owners to not just register but actively use this network. Find a tablet or even a phone that is not being used anymore and set it up with the Instagram mobile AP. Your staff can take daily photos of your products, promotions, and interesting thing and upload them to Instagram.
These images can then be easily fed into your website to keep your content updated daily without having to call in your web manager.


Tumblr is a Social Networking site for sharing that is owned by Yahoo (yes Yahoo is still around).
Meetup: This can be a great tool for getting people in the door of your business and OFF the computer. A local coffee shop I know of has a weekly ‘CO-working’ meetup inviting local professionals who work from home to come in and work from their coffee shop to change things up. This is just one example of how you can use Meetup as a business and marketing tool.


While you may debate if Skype fits into the Social Network definition, you should create an account and create an accurate business profile.


Snap Chat:
I fully admit it; I do not use Snap Chat (my teens do). However, if your target audience is a younger generation (13-24) you probably should look into how you can incorporate Snap Chat into your Social Media management. Either way, you should be sure to have an up to date profile page.


If you are still wondering why you NEED to start considering Social Media in your Marketing Mix, you need to read this article: 12 Social Media Marketing Trends for Small Business




Accessibility in Website Design

A website is meeting point for an organization’s administration, customer relationships, sales, and marketing strategies. It is only one piece of your Marketing Mix, Your Customer Relationship Management, Sales Platform, and Administrative Tools.

"The power of the web is in it's universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect." Tim Berners-LeeBringing all of this into one media is challenging. Ensuring that your website is also ACCESSIBLE to everyone means it is even more challenging. A balance between design, information, sales tools, and a user friendly interface means collaborating. Don’t forget this one often forgotten piece; ACCESSIBILITY.
How is your website viewed by individual browsers is important.


How is your website viewed by those with specific visual, auditory, neurological, and physical disabilities is also important.


The WAI – Web Accessibility Initiative provides web designers with clear guidelines and resources on how to ensure their projects are Accessible.
The Center for Universal Design is another important resource for Webdesigners who need to make themselves aware of accessibility standards. They present seven different principles; Equitable Use, Flexibility in Use, Simple and Intuitive Use, Perceptible Information, Tolerance for Error, Low Physical Effort, Size and Space for Approach and Use.

The first principle (Equitable Use) is important for web designers; “The design is useful and marketable to people with diverse abilities” NCSU

Canadian Standards for Web Accessibility can be found on the Federal Governments website here.


“The power of the web is in it’s universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Tim Berners-Lee


Wondering if your design is accessible? Consider using the WAVE Chrome Extension to evaluate your content for accessibility concerns.

How are you incorporating the evaluation of accessibility in your web designs?










Back to School First Week

School officially started this week, though class time was limited it gave me time to make it through the large new student to do list on campus. Orientation at North Island College was great. The resources were useful, entertainment, tours, free stuff and the highlight -I learned how to use a full size fire extinguisher.

The program orientation included all of the instructors and the mantra was – the workload is HUGE. I am a bit intimidated. Just a bit. Though I am NOT the oldest person in the program – I am the oldest person in most of my classes.

North Island College I spent the morning in the ART Studio. (I am in LOVE.) Getting my hands VERY dirty. Playing with a variety of black and white drawing materials. After class I picked up my supplies and this evening will get them all organized and finish my first assignment. What I learned today from our instructor; It would seem I be an artist who needs LARGER canvases. I think it may simply be I have spent so many years limited to a computer screen’s dimensions that the LARGE piece of paper created an adrenaline rush and feeling of euphoria.





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