Magnussen Karrine

Karrine Magnussen

Freelance Online Marketing Consultant

Name:Karrine Magnussen
Date of birth:1974
Address:4072 Steede, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 5J3
Karrine's unique background in management and online communications spans back to prior to 1998. From PR to Payroll, she can help your company with project planning, media management, employee recruitment, and daily administration of your online or brick and motar business.

Employment History

09.2012 - 06.2016

Nicole’s Network of Friends Society

Program Manager

All aspects of running and overseeing a staff of six care providers. Funding, hiring, training, development of medical documentation and care plans, working with care team professionals to ensure quality individualized care for an individual in their home & community.

01.2005 - 08.2012

Her Media Marketing and Design LTD


Affiliate Marketing Manager | ECommerce Marketing Manager
Assist advertisers develop online marketing campaigns through specialized Media Buying and managing partner programs.
Creative and website design, website updates and promotion for female demographic publishers and eCommerce businesses.
Coaching Services, including planning, reporting, form development, research, and evaluating websites, landing pages, and marketing strategies.

01.2005 - 12.2009

InteliMark Enterprises, LLC (Great Aupair)

Contractor/Advertising Manager

Assisting with all aspects of the daily operations of an online Ecommerce business; including user support, assisting the development team with redesign, and development of an Ad server.

01.2004 - 12.2004

Bravenet Web Services

Marketing Accounts Manager

Assist advertisers develop online marketing campaigns over a network of websites
Researching and negotiating contracts with new publishers
Developed a portfolio of over 30 clients generating over $38’000.00 in monthly revenue.

07.2000 - 05.2001

Bethesda Christian Association

Licensed Resource Manager

Scheduling & human resources of a staff of 16+. Including; policy development, training, master roster, payroll submission, staff hiring, evaluations, facilitating staff meetings, developing roles/job descriptions and staffing requirements. Program coordination overseeing the support and care of four gentlemen. Developing and monitoring a recreational program, healthcare, and all aspects of daily care. Working with and reporting to upper management, Health Community Licensing, family members, and government ministries.


Advanced Computer Skills

Microsoft Office Applications, Content Managers, CRM (Customer Relation Management software), Windows 10, Blog platforms, Macromedia Applications (updating to Adobe), Desktop publishing, basic graphic design, Spreadsheets

Human Resource Skills

Staff recruitment, selection,payroll submission, training, development, evaluation, incentives/motivation,mediation, compliance and terminations. Knowledge of BC and Federal Labour Standards, Management Certification (OUC).

Marketing and Promotional Skills

Advanced online marketing/advertising skills, media planning, advertising, Social Media management. Event planning, PR training (UVic), market research skills, networking and utilizing community resources, incentive based marketing strategies, newsletters, customer retention strategies.

Hugginz By Angel Foundation

Hugginz By Angel Foundation

Wordpress Management
KUU-US Crisis Line Society

KUU-US Crisis Line Society

Wordpress Management
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Amy Farabaugh – Great Aupair

Working with Kay over the past year and a half has been wonderful. She’s intelligent and driven when it comes to organization. She’s a leader and very focused in her work.

If it wasn’t for her reaching out to help me, via social media, I would not have had the opportunity to work from home.

Kay has been an inspiration to me and I’m happy to have had the chance to work with her and get to know her on a personal and professional level.

Anne Fognano

Karrine served as affiliate manager for CookieSurprises, LLC. In her work with our company, she was very effective in recruiting key affiliates, as well as assisting them with activating links and converting sales. In addition to her exceptional marketing skills, as a bonus, she is really gifted with the ability to create eye-catching graphics, and created many adorable designs and increased our click ratio significantly. I would highly recommend Karrine for any position that mandates a highly skilled marketing manger

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Address4072 Steede, Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 5J3

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